The development of youth arts in the Gaeltacht is one of the measures outlined in the Irish Language Action Plan 2018-2022 as part of the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language, launched by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (DCHG) in June 2018.

Ealaín (na Gaeltachta) Teo. is working with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht to implement this measure which supports the Language Planning Process and the Gaeltacht School Recognition scheme. As part of this program, every effort will be made to progressively develop the provision of a comprehensive youth arts programme, inclusive of music, dance, song and oral arts classes throughout all Gaeltacht areas.


Our vision is that of a thriving Gaeltacht where young people are recognised as participant and developing artists who are the life force and pulse of the Gaeltacht; creative, diverse and integrated into all aspects of a welcoming community. Where young people, fully participant in the Gaeltacht culture, will both enrich and develop the traditional arts together with the Irish language as it evolves and is passed on to the next generation.


We, in partnership with all our stakeholders, deliver a high-quality traditional arts programme for children and young people through the Irish language, throughout the Gaeltacht, through financial aid, education and authentic access.


The values which underpin our approach to achieving our vision are below:

  • Equality of access and participation
  • Enriching the Irish language and ensuring the language itself is embedded in every aspect of the programme
  • Strengthening and enriching the language based traditional arts
  • Developing, empowering and encouraging the creativity of young people
  • Passing on of culture from generation to generation.
  • Multi-faceted approach; formal, non-formal and informal education as well as a community centred approach
  • Impact of youth voice on the development of the programme

Cuisle: A Framework

Ealaín na Gaeltachta will work with

Artists, communities of practice, Gaeltacht schools, parents and stakeholders

  • to provide:

a programme which honours, through the opportunities it provides, the richness, depth and diversity of the traditional arts for

  • Children and young people in Gaeltacht areas in ways that:


  • Enables them to be fully participant in the culture
  • Connect them with best practice and develop meaningful relationships
  • Empowers them to use their voice in decision making
  • Supports them to become autonomous and independent within the practice
  • Encourages them to recognise themselves as artists and also explore their identity, heritage, individuality and their connection to community and culture


  • And should they wish, children and young people can avail of opportunities which create pathways towards leadership and innovation within the culture.


Thus fulfilling this programme’s commitment to the enrichment of the lives of children and young people, the culture of the traditional arts within the Gaeltacht community and to the Irish language.